About us

Doc and Matt

Fretted Revival® is the result of two friends with a life long passion for music and the instruments that are vital to it's creation; especially fretted instruments.

Restoration, repair and maintenance are the primary focus of Fretted Revival® and our team has spent decades building the education and honing the skills required to execute the craft at the highest standards. Developing a cutting edge methodology to restoration & repair, remaining firmly rooted in the traditions of lutherie and a paramount understanding and consideration to the manufactured integrity of the instrument are the key components to Fretted Revival®'s work strategy.

We feel it's important to note that Matt and Doc are not salesmen and they'll be the first to tell you that. But the process of pairing players and collectors with their wanted instrument is something they truly enjoy.  As such, at times, Fretted Revival® will have a curated selection of instruments for purchase and are always willing to offer the services of consultation for acquisition; utilizing their network of musicians and collectors to source from.


Doc began his formal training in lutherie in the renowned workshop of Remenyi House of Music in Toronto. He has worked as a warranty specialist for C.F. Martin & Co. and Taylor Guitars among others. He has held the position of Chief Designer for Parker Guitars, Washburn, Hamer, Oscar Schmidt et al. Brand Specialist for U.S. Music Corp. as well as the role of Senior Luthier for one of the worlds largest distributors of stringed instruments; a position that had him oversee the preparation and maintenance of thousands of instruments yearly by him and his team.

When not enjoying the craft of lutherie, Doc likes to visit museums, paint and play instruments of the fretted variety.



To say that Matt is the brains behind Fretted Revival® would be an extreme injustice to his generous Heart and love of stringed instruments.  He has music in his blood and after many years helping run a family business dedicated to the musical instrument industry, Matt took a step back and decided to focus on a few of life's other enjoyments. It didn't take long for the music to come calling back to him with a new direction and focus which led to him contacting his friend Doc, to see if his idea may come to fruition.

When not involved in the daily tasks of Fretted Revival®, Matt likes to spend time with his family, enjoys cycling and the dedication and devotion of collecting.