Appraisal & Instrument Reports

Appraisals from Fretted Revival®
While musical instruments are a beautiful tool for creating music, they can also be a cherished and valuable piece of art and at Fretted Revival®, we recognize that value. A written appraisal from Fretted Revival® documents and establishes the current market value of your instrument; required and important information for your insurance agent and other industry professionals such as your banker.

Doc Rathwell built his first instrument more than 25yrs ago and has dedicated himself to a disciplined study of both fretted and bowed instruments.  During his formal education in lutherie, he was fortunate to be chosen to join the renowned workshop of Remenyi House of Music and gained invaluable experience in instrument identification working directly with Michael Remenyi Sr. as an assistant appraiser for The Antiques Roadshow Canada.

Concise Instrument Report
A Concise Instrument Report documents the fine details of an acoustic instruments construction and is offered at Fretted Revival® only when an instrument is in for an extensive restoration.
Concise Instrument Reports are $500

In-Hand Appraisals
Appraisals are available by appointment only and require the instrument being left with our workshop team for assessment. This detailed appraisal provides the highest level of service; thoroughly examined by our repair staff and evaluated in-hand by Doc Rathwell.

Acoustic guitars
Archtop: $150
Flattop: $150

Gibson pre-war flathead Mastertone & Loar-signed instruments: $325
Any other banjo/mandolin: $150

Fender Electric Guitars & Basses
1950-1976: $325
1977-present day: $150

Gibson/Epiphone Electric Guitars & Basses
1950-1965: $275
1966-present day: $150

Gretsch Electric Guitars
1954-1967: $275
1968-present day: $150

All other instruments/brands: $150