Fretted Revival® Private Collection

The early Chicago instruments, particularly those of the Lyon & Healy brands, have a special place in the hearts of the Fretted Revival® team and for several years, they have sought out to collect good examples of these fine instruments.  The late 19th and early 20th century examples are some of the finest fretted instruments built at the time and we're happy to share (when we have time to photograph them for you) some for the Fretted Revival® Private Collection.


c.1936 Washburn Model 5257


One of two examples in the collection, these Regal built instruments featured a Red spruce top and Rosewood back and side with ebony fingerboard and the famed Washburn "smile" bridge.  These superb instrument will rival any pre-war steel-stringed guitar of the era.


2020 El Deuce

Here's the coolest guitar you'll never see.  Based off a standard 6-string guitar Doc designed and built about 20yrs ago, this is "El Deuce"; a double-neck sound-machine with a baritone 6-string and standard 6-string with tremolo in sparkle gold finish.  The toggle switch between the necks selects either the baritone upper deck or standard 6 lower deck.  In either position, the controls are 1-volume, 1-tone and the yellow "chicken head knob" is a 3-way selector switch for neck-neck/bridge-bridge independent controls.

Each neck is mahogany as is the body which is heavily chamber such that it is essentially hollow and built with a solid spruce top.  There is no guitar that sounds like these thanks to their design and "toaster pickups".

This is an extremely unique, fun and stellar instrument, one of 2 built by Doc.